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Frequently Asked Questions

What clients do you recommend to use with Redpanda?

Redpanda is Kafka API compatible so any client that works with Kafka should work out of the box with Redpanda. However here is a list of clients which we have tested with:

JavaApache Kafka Java Client

Is Redpanda Fully Kafka API Compatible?

We support all parts of the Kafka API, including the transactions API that we added in release 21.8.1.

If you run into any issues while working with a Kafka tool, please let us know! File an issue

Does Redpanda use Zookeeper?

No, Redpanda is a modern streaming platform that has been built using C++ and Raft for consensus. Since we use Raft we have no need for an external consensus system like Zookeeper.

Can I run Redpanda directly on Windows or MacOS?

Unfortunately, you can only run Redpanda directly on Linux. However, you can use Docker to run Redpanda on any system supported by Docker. Please see our Quick Start Docker Guide for more information.